Monday, April 14, 2008

Anna's Funny Survey: Jan. 25, 2008

Here are some new questions I haven't seen in anyone else's surveys:

1) There are already organizations with cool acronyms, such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving and B(ikers) ADD. What are some other groups which could be equally against drunk driving and cleverly named?
A) A.A.D.D. (Advertisers against Drunk Driving), E.G.A.D.D. (Exclamation Givers against Drunk Driving), F.A.D.D. (Fashonistas against Drunk Driving), L.A.D.D. (Littleboys against Drunk Driving), P.A.D.D. (Pillowmakers against Drunk Driving), R.A.D.D. (Rockers against Drunk Driving), T.T.A.D.D. (Tiny Things against Drunk Driving), W.A.D.D. (Wastemakers against Drunk Driving), A.A.D.H.D.S.A.D.D. (Adult Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder Sufferers against Drunk Driving)

2) What is your favorite bridge?
A) The Sydney Lanier Bridge going from Brunswick over to the entrance to Jekyll Island.

I drive over the causeway from St Simons Island to Brunswick on my way to work and every time look forward to the turn and rise of the road that brings this sight into view. I'm more inspired and pleased by it than I would have ever thought. The bridge has a different personality depending on where the sun hits it. It's probably best viewed in person!

3) Do you have any questions for the movie theater managers in Brunswick and St Simons Island?
A. Yes. Why are you still showing Alvin and the Chipmunks four weeks after Christmas, but won't show The Kite Runner? Come on!! We shouldn't have to drive to Jacksonville to get some culture!

4) What's the fun new game your coworkers are playing?
A) "What could Anna's husband arrest us for?" It goes like this: Hey Anna, could your husband arrest me for (fill in the blank)? (selling weed, smoking weed, and other variations mostly having to do with weed)

5) What's a shame?
A) It's a shame that the "Muscle & Fitness; Hers" magazine has 99 pages, 23 pages of which are full page ads for 10 different weight loss pills or formulas, their distributors and plastic surgery. So they're going to tell me on one page I can get this body by doing these exercises and then on the next that I really need to take this pill to get it. But thanks for the recipe for turkey lasagna...which pill goes best with that?

6) What is it about seeing humans ride on the backs of whales and dolphins in a show set to music that makes you feel like anything is possible and all your dreams can come true (even bringing a tear or two to your eye)?
A) I don't know, but it works every time!

7) What's the kookiest thing your landlord has said to you lately in explanation of why several items of your food, including just enough turkey and cheese for one last sandwich, an unopened bag of baby greens salad and a can of soup, have gone missing in the past few weeks?
A)"You never know with today's economy if someone is just a week away from starving to death."

8) How do you know when you have a strange, but wonderful life?
A) When you come home at midnight from a long, hard night at work during which a table full of drunk hairdressers and their husbands actually asked your boss to give them a different server after only 5 minutes and you almost burst into tears in the kitchen, but pull it together and spend the rest of the night polishing silverware trying to figure out what went wrong, and you walk in the door of the room you're renting from a kooky landlady and see, to your great delight, a bouquet of flowers on your dresser and that your husband is in your bed!

9) How many friends do you have who are pregnant right now?
A) Fifteen! (that I know of) And you'd think it'd rub off on me!

10) What do you think about while you're on the back of the Harley on your long road trips?
A) See 1-9!

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  1. I know this is from a long time ago, but B. A.D.D. Baristas Against Drunk Driving. And I would like to a.d.d. that waiting tables is the only job that I still have an occasional nightmare about. And it's been years since I've worked in a restaurant.


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