Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Now is later

I have been reminded that I promised to show you what we got each other for Valentine's Day.

And I will remind those people (moms and sisters mostly) that I said I would post it later, and later is whenever I say it is. And I say it's now.


I got John this Willow Tree figurine, because we have the couple, the pregnant mom and the mom with new baby, and he needed some representation up in our collection! Also, I had to get it because it looks like it was modeled after one of the pictures we love from Ayla's newborn photo shoot (even down to the colors!):

John got me this Lisa Leonard necklace. 

"Immah" is Hebrew for mother, the lesser known counterpart to "Abba." It also can mean, "with her," which takes on multiple meanings for us this year.

Ayla got her daddy the picture frame and picture you see in that first picture above. I'll be posting more pictures from her photo shoot in future blogs, but you can see several more on our talented photographer, Ryan Zook's, website. 

God got us all a new stroller (you can read the story here), so we all did pretty well!

Did you get or give anything fun or meaningful?

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