Monday, October 25, 2010

Ashamed of myself

Few things annoy me more than the country band Sugarland and drivers who don't turn their headlights on in the rain (or at dusk). One of those things, though, is commercials that use animated characters to advertise anything other than animated products.

Here's the deal: I am not a cartoon (that I know of). Why do you think a product you are showing is beneficial to a cartoon would be attractive to me?

Take, for example, the Red Bull silliness or the quilting ladies over at Quilted Northern. The one I dislike the absolute most is the bears they use to advertise Charmin. Not only am I not a cartoon, but I am definitely not a cartoon bear.  Besides, I hate the idea of bears using toilet paper. Are they just leaving it in little piles behind trees, or do they also have toilets and sewers to go along with it. It just gets too complicated.

Anyway, I have always avoided buying Charmin for this very reason. Until today. I went to Costco and had a coupon for it, so after comparing with the Kirkland brand (those were the only two they had at this one), I blindfolded and gagged my conscience and heaved the cartoon bear toting package into my cart.

I'm so ashamed. I can only hope that the softness and strength of my new toilet paper is enough to wipe some of it away.

Are there commercials that annoy you so much that you can't buy the product? I have many others, but I'm interested to see what you say.


  1. I will not buy anything at the fast food chain Hardee's (Carl's on the west coast) after they decided to use Hugh Heffner in their was because of his lines in the commercials, which I will not repeat here. Loser. When I was just out in CA, my parents couldn't eat there like they normally do on Sunday because I still refuse to give in. I just can't believe Hardee's thought that was acceptable and not degrading to women! Lost this customer FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think it was you that I had the discussion in grad school about the "lint brush" test for one of the toilet papers. It was so silly! It was a CARTOON of how much lint the other toilet papers have. The only thing they proved is that they could draw less lint on their own brush and more on the "other leading brand." But, (hangs head) we do love charmin.

  3. Haha, I hate the Charmin commercial with the bears. I refuse to buy it because I don't like the commercial. You must have been so torn! I can't stand those bears.

  4. geico...that gecko has got to go...

  5. o I do agree w Elizabeth...not only a geico,but a foreign accent! Like I need a foreign lizzard to sell me insurance - not ever!!!

  6. Ah! The kia (I think) car commercials with the hampsters driving cars. These commercials are so pointless and yet the dumb jingle gets stuck in my head!!!

  7. Great blog, Anna. I finally got here... One of my least fave commercials are ones for mascara. Now that I know the celebrity secret of fake lashes, I can't believe they try to sell longer lashes with models wearing the equivalent of a small black kitten glued across their eyelids. I should sue for false advertising!


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