Monday, September 21, 2009

Another helpful tip

Last time I wrote about something I had observed, I was surprised that so many of my readers had also observed it.

Now I know that you are a bunch of astute and, quite frankly, brilliant people, just like me. So, what I have to share with you tonight will come as no surprise. No doubt you already are in the "in the know club," I just haven't had the fortune to be at a gas station filling up at the same time as you.


Yes, my tip tonight is about gas stations. Most people (other than you, of course) don't seem to realize that the gas hose is long enough to reach to the other side of your car. That means, if all the pumps on your gas door's side are taken, you can go to the one on the opposite side and just stretch the hose over.

I feel bad for all those other people who wait in lines 2 or 3 cars deep for a pump on their side, while I just zip around them and have my bank account emptied tank full in no time.

Now, I am not going to guarantee that every gas hose in the world is long enough to reach over your vehicle. But I have been trying this out at any station I go to for the last few years and haven't been disappointed yet. Sometimes I have to pull up to where the hose just has to go around the back and not over the top, but it always works.

Everyone waiting in line must be from New Jersey and is just learning how to pump their own gas. Let's give them some time and enjoy our no-wait pumps in the meantime!

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