Saturday, February 12, 2011

Every Day Ayla

I had hoped to be able to roll out a new website today to introduce a project I've been working on.



With limited time and my attention divided between feeding Ayla, changing Ayla, helping Ayla sleep, giving Ayla baths, and kissing Ayla, I didn't get the website up and going.

So, for now, please be content with this. Let's call it a preview. Yes, that sounds better.

I'm taking a picture of Ayla every day of her first year and will be posting them week by week (maybe).

Yes, I realize it's already a month into it.
(Please read the 4th line again. K? Thanks!)


  1. She is beautiful and you are forgiven for being such a slacker :) What a blessing you have! Looks like she is not only surviving but thriving. Love to you!

  2. So beautiful! It makes me want to get out the baby pictures of my babies

  3. Oh my gosh! Get down here so I can hold her!!! She is a beautiful baby. Love you guys!

  4. sorry it took me so long to comment, I just now got to an actual computer instead of my phone! I LOVE IT! Keep up the good work momma!

  5. LOVE it!! You can see her little face filling out!! Give her big smooches for me!! She is so stinkin' gorgeous!!! :D

  6. Awesome. I love that song too. Rocked Solo to sleep to it almost every night the 1st year. Love.


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