Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fame or Something Like it

I'll resume my Wife Life series in a bit, but wanted to jot a little something about my brush with fame that I alluded to in my Facebook status.

I'm currently doing a reserve tour at Andrews AFB in the Public Affairs shop and am helping to work on the big air show we do called the Joint Service Open House. This year the Thunderbirds are the main performers and they let each show nominate people for 'media flights.'

We look for people who have pretty substantial local or national acclaim and a platform, willingness and ability to help tell our story once they've flown in the F-16.

We get to nominate four people and they can pick 0-2 of them. We started out looking for heros, and who is a bigger hero than Capt "Sully" Sullenberger of the Hudson Miracle landing? His company's website has a phone number, that number has a voicemail leading to his publicist, whom I contacted Monday. He wanted to get Sully on board, so we were all excited.

Then Tuesday he informs us that Sully really really wanted to do the flight but had a prior commitment that weekend, so was unable to. We're still trying to get in touch with the First Officer.

The next guy we dreamed up, I won't name yet, but he is one of my favorite TV personalities. Yesterday, I got the number for his producer, called and 'bout peed my pants when he called me back. He LOVED the idea and said he would pitch it. Later that day, pitch made, TV hero says...
he can't do it those dates either!

After burning up phone lines to Thunderbirds and TV producer to try to find wiggle room in schedules, it is decided that T-birds will fly him at an airshow at a location closer to where they tape.

Much sadness and kicking walls ensued.

I'm getting ready to change the dates of the air show. It is a bad weekend for people I like to fly with the Thunderbirds.

I do have some ideas I've pitched to still get the guy to come and just hang out with the troops, so we'll see...

Anyone with celebrity connections is welcome to send them my way. Our nominations are due tomorrow!!

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  1. Hey don't you have a brother that has connections to fame?


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